Olympic Gym

Olympic Gym - Reopening

In December 2019, Olympic Gym GmbH opened a new flagship fitness center in the Innsbruck area.

In addition to classic equipment and a wellness oasis, the Olympic Gym also starts with a unique, 14-metre-long Ninja Warrior tower that is unique in Austria!

Together with Pixelparker, the launch of the new website and thus the necessary information for the end customer could be completed smoothly and without any problems.

In a second step, at the beginning of 2020, we expanded the website with an e-commerce system to also market the in-house Olympic Gym Collection online.

Main Service
Front- und Backend Entwicklung
Olympic Gym
Key Features
  • Integriertes Shopsystem
  • Voll bearbeitet und erweiterbarer Content
  • Kursplan
  • Voll Responsive bis 4K
  • Integrierte 360° Tour
  • 100% Screendesign umsetzung
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